Citywide curfew for Louisville goes into effect

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Daniel Cameron informed me that he will make his announcement about whether criminal charges will be filed in the Briana Taylor case at 1:30 p.m. Today, immediately following a presentation of the grand jury’s decision to the court. This is obviously a day that people across our city in our nation have been anticipating. We have seen strong emotions, grief, anger, conviction, compassion, hopelessness and mawr on our streets for almost 120 days now, as people have demonstrated, calling for racial equity, calling for a re imagination of public safety and calling for justice for Briana Taylor, I do not know what the decision from the A G will be. What is important is that all the fax come out on what occurred on the night of Briana Taylor’s death. And no matter what Attorney General Cameron announces, I urge everyone to commit once again to a peaceful, lawful response like what you’ve seen for the majority of the past four months. I asked that we all of us maintain that critical and unwavering focus on the need for racial equity reimagining public safety so we can all move forward as a city for today in subsequent days, we must plan for the potential for large gatherings. Representatives of my office and L. M P D have been in contact with some of the protest organizer’s, and our goal is ensuring space and opportunity for people to gather and express their First Amendment rights while maintaining public safety. I want to thank Ln P d for the work that they’re doing often under difficult conditions to keep our people in our city safe. And I urge everyone to realize that we must all work through these challenging times and the only way we’re gonna do it is to do it together. The plans that we have already put in place include three executive orders to already announced in one new order. The first order declared a state of emergency due to the potential for civil unrest. It’s basically allows for exercising any of the emergency powers, including those to hire or contract for services and implementing curfews and other restrictions. The second order also already announced restricts access to downtown parking garages and on street parking in order to provide an extra layer of security for a protest in and around Jefferson Square Park. My third executive order sets a Countywide 72 hour curfew from nine PM to 6:30 a.m. Beginning tonight. The curfew does not apply to people in the community to work going to and from work houses of worship for services or those seeking medical attention for themselves or others. People have been asking, How can we? How can I help to ensure a peaceful protests? Main thing is, we’re asking people to do their public protest during light. That’s the purpose of having a curfew in here. Most of the violence that we’ve encountered over the past few months has occurred after dark. So we’re asking that if you decide to join a protest, you wrap things up by eight o’clock or so, and so you can start to head home and be home by nine PM In addition to these orders, all Louisville Metro government buildings in the downtown corridor, including Metro Hall in City Hall, will be closed the rest of today and tomorrow, and I’m asking downtown area businesses to allow employees to work remotely as well whenever possible To provide more detail on our plans. Here is L. M. P D Chief Robert Schroeder chief. Thank you, Mayor Fisher. The past several months have been difficult for our community and for the L MBT police officers who have pledged to serve our public. We as a community need to move forward. Over the past several months, L. A. P D has been working with the community to improve our policies and procedures to better reflect community expectations. Today’s announcement is yet another step moving ahead for this community. Whatever the decision is, our officers are prepared to keep doing what they have been doing continuously since May 28 protecting the public while also ensuring the constitutional right for people to express their feelings in a lawful and peaceful manner. As mayor shift, Fisher said, We are prepared for gatherings, including large gatherings, and we have been working to ensure people have a safe space to do so. In addition to the measures the mayor outlined, we have restricted the area immediately adjacent to Jefferson Square Park to vehicular traffic, allowing pedestrian traffic only. We have put barriers in place to enforce those safety limits. There’s also no parking and limited vehicle access from Broadway north to Market Street and from Second Street to ninth Street. Anyone heading to the park is asked to ride share to cut down on the traffic, but they must also be prepared to walk a few blocks. We’re facilitating anyone with a D A concerns with access at six and market streets, and we’re working with residents, business owners and downtown employees to Lao needed access. To get into downtown, you may go to second in Jefferson, Ninth and Chestnut, Eighth and Market and Seventh and Broadway. To get out of downtown, you may go to Ninth and Jefferson Second and Chestnut Third and Market and Fourth and Broadway. To ensure adequate staffing, we have canceled all vacation requests and off days for our L. M P D members. And while much of our focus is in the downtown area where we have seen previous demonstrations and most of the focus has been centered, I assure you we have resource is distributed throughout the entire Metro, prepared to meet any challenge we may face, L. A. P D will also be joined by various state, local and federal partners helping to keep our community safe, and we appreciate their assistance. I know for many, these steps have been causing inconvenience. Given some of the crowd sizes we saw in the early days and what we have seen nationally in protest in other cities, we must take these steps out of an abundance of caution to keep this community safe. Our hope is that people will lawfully and peacefully express themselves. We will not tolerate any violence or destruction of property. Let’s all be safe, then come together and work on the challenges we face as a city and as a nation. Thank you. Thank you, chief. And again, we’re taking these steps out of abundance of caution. And our deep hope is that we see a continuation of the peaceful protests that have largely been the rule over the past several months. I want to also ask again that people be mindful that many times over these past months, rumors and false information have spread quickly on social media and created a lot of unnecessary worry. So please, everyone base your behavior and decision on fax and do not participate in the spread of misinformation. The best source for accurate information will be on the social media sites maintained by my office, l m P D and other official Louisville Metro government accounts. Those were listed in our press release and we urge media to share them. We will be updating those sites continuously and again. We continue to support peaceful, lawful efforts to draw attention to the need for racial equity in our city in our country. To that end, I’d now like to have Vincent James, our chief for community building, share with us. Some of the efforts his office have made toward that goal leave times. Thank you, Mayor and I also would like to thank Thesis Izen of Louisville because of these past several months, we’ve seen some incredible features, relates to peaceful protests, people having the capacity and the ability to be able to express their First Amendment rights. And I want to thank each and every citizen for doing so when I also share with you a couple of things that are happening and has been happening out of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods, which is one of the agencies that reports to me again. My name is Vincent James on the chief of community Building and one of the things we’ve been working with it as it relates to the faith community, which we feel is an integral part, the interfaith community, which is an integral part to the working of our city and to be able to share and have the moral authority in their voice and their speaking, and to be able to understand this peace that surpasses all understanding. And so with that, one of the things. As we started meeting with several interfaith groups, we started an initiative called Louisville Praise. This initiative is a multi faith prayer initiative conceived by our city and with the city. As we await the decision that is going to be made, we wanted to ensure that all of us had an opportunity to be able to express how we felt through prayer, through meditation, through chance through other things as it relates to their to your individual faith tradition. This Siri’s is co sponsored by interfaith, those who interfaith pathway to peace, and also I see our ah cr excuse me and that is the Center for Interfaith Relations. It kicked off yesterday at 12 30 at the Big Four Bridge, which was very impactful because the waterfront gave us an opportunity to be able to pray peacefully by the riverfront. And as we continued, we also have a group of faith leaders that have decided, as they’ve been working with protesters engaging in the protests themselves also put together a de escalation team. These faith leaders have been trained in de escalation toe where they can continue to help to keep the peace where they can intervene. In those times that things may seem to be getting out of hand, they have an opportunity to be able to communicate and work with our citizens to be able to ensure the safety that is needed. We also have an opportunity to be able to share with every house of faith in this city. Many houses, the faith, have already signed up to where they’re simply going toe open their doors once the announcement is made, we don’t know what the announcement is going to be, but we do know this. They’re going to be people who are going to be upset. For whatever reason, they’re gonna be some people who don’t have any feelings at all. There’s gonna be people who don’t even know how to process what they’ve heard. So we’re asking houses of Faith to open their doors on tonight to give opportunity for the community to come in and to be ableto pray to be ableto, uh, sit in silence. Whatever they may need at least an hour to give them an opportunity to be able to do so. We have many other events and different things that won’t be happening throughout our city as we engage our community and how we recognize. And we’re going to realize that this will be a defining moment for our city. And then this defining moment, truth will come forth. And when truth arises, we all rise. And so we are encouraged by what we’ve seen so far the display of our citizens and their peaceful protest. And we’re looking forward in terms of what we’re gonna be doing in the coming days. Thank you so much for your attention. I’m now turn it back over to the mayor. Thank you, Reverend James. Appreciate you with that Will now be happy to take a few minutes of questions burning the speakers again. Um, I invite media to put your questions in the chat area, and we will get to as many as we can. First question is from Marcus screen from Wdrb on this question is for Chief Schroeder. Um, what specific local, state and federal agencies are assisting L. M. P. D. So we have a variety of agencies helping us, including the Kentucky State Police, many of our local partner agencies, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, ST Matthew’s Police Department, Jefferson Town Police Department and a variety of other local agencies. We have a variety of federal partners on hand, including the FBI, a T, F, Federal Protective Services and in many others, to help us out. The National Guard will be assisting us. I do not have the exact number of the soldiers with me right now, but that is something we may be able to get later. Um, Chief, while you’re there, um, Ryan Ben Belser of W W F p L O. Has asked as the National Guard been activated, how many members will be here? Are federal security forces in town. And what do you know about them? Yes, The National Guard has been activated again. I don’t have the exact number with me, but we can get that information to you. Um, and we do have ah variety of federal partners including Federal Protective Services intact. Also, Chief um from Steve Bitten vendor from the center square. Regardless of the grand jury decision, will that report give the administration the information it needs to make personnel decisions on the remaining officers involved in the case? If not, what else does the city need? And how long do you anticipate that to take? We don’t know what the opinion will be of the courts. We don’t know what information they have that we may not have. They did their own investigation subsequent to our investigation. As far as next steps, I’d like to introduce Major Jamie Schwab, the commander of our special investigations division, to describe the next steps of the process. Thank you, Chief Major Jamie Schwab, with our special investigations division, our professional standards unit has received the case, and at this point in time, they can really only do background work related to it until we actually have a ruling or a decision by the grand jury at that point in time. Depending on that, one of the biggest things we’re gonna need to do as part of our administrator investigations reinterview the officers involved in the, uh in the incident, so that will be time consuming. I don’t want to necessarily put an exact timeframe on how long that will take. And again. A lot of that is dependent on what occurs today after the after the decision is made. Um, Chief Schroeder, why are working media not allowed to drive their work vehicles into the city’s restricted area by the restricted area? If you mean the area immediately adjacent to Jefferson Square Park, that area is restricted to all vehicular traffic. And that is to sure both the safety of the people in the vehicles and to any pedestrians that may be gathered there. And that applies to anybody who is not an emergency service person, an M s person. Ah, firefighter or somebody who has a legitimate safety need to be there. It is a restriction on all vehicular traffic. Thank you. And for the mayor, Lucas, all back from the Courier Journal asked how much contact have you had with Cameron or his office in the past few days in the lead up to today’s announced, I’m not an extensive amount. As I mentioned, I talked to him. A couple are late this morning where They gave us the notice that there would be having announcement at 1 30 today s Oh, they’ve been, uh, deliberating and going through their processes, he said. Many times they would have been wanting to take the time that was required for the process to work itself out. Also for you. Mayor Ryan Ben Belser from W F. P. L asked, What is your reaction to allegations that roadblocks and curfews downtown are infringing on people’s First Amendment rights? Protesters say it feels like a trap. Last time there was a curfew, there were last time there was a curfew. Peaceful protesters were tear gas. No. The purpose of the precautions that have been put in place have been to protect protesters and make sure that there’s areas that were set aside for peaceable protests. So that’s what based on what was learned during the last large set of protests in late May early June. That’s why L M. P. D. Took the moves that they took here starting yesterday. Um, this, I think, is for the the chief, or or maybe the mayor. Brian Woolston from Reuters is asking us to clarify that the media is excluded from the curfew. It is my understanding that members of the media conducting their lawful media duties are excluded from there. Okay. Are there any other questions, right. Oh, okay. I’m sorry. There’s a right today and again, we don’t know what today or tomorrow is gonna bring us, but we all obviously have a choice on how we’re gonna be responding here. And I urge everybody to choose peaceful, lawful protest. This is obviously a really important time for our city. I want to think about our kids and our grandkids in getting this right. And we know that we here in Louisville, just like everybody in America, has got a a lot of work to do to become a place of racial equity and justice and to create that transformation, We know that we’ve got to come together and we’ve got ensure that everybody has the chance to both be heard a time for healing in a time for action. A swell. So my hope is that we enter into this next stage in this process of justice, we also begin the next steps in the process of healing our great city together


Citywide curfew for Louisville goes into effect

On Wednesday, the grand jury presented its findings in the Breonna Taylor case — a decision Louisville had been preparing for days.Of the three officers in question, one was indicted, but it was unrelated to her death. Click here to read more about the indictment.One of the preparations ahead of the announcement was a 72-hour citywide curfew. It began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and ends at 6:30 a.m., each day.LMPD interim police chief Rob Schroeder also announced that the National Guard has been activated. This announcement came within the hour before the grand jury is set to present its report at 1:15 p.m.Before Wednesday, Fischer declared a state of emergency for the city and LMPD declared one for the department. The measures included canceling off-days and vacation until further notice.Businesses downtown began boarding up windows earlier in the week.TARC also modified its schedule for downtown routes.Click here for a review of preparations downtown.

On Wednesday, the grand jury presented its findings in the Breonna Taylor case — a decision Louisville had been preparing for days.

Of the three officers in question, one was indicted, but it was unrelated to her death. Click here to read more about the indictment.


One of the preparations ahead of the announcement was a 72-hour citywide curfew. It began at 9 p.m. Wednesday and ends at 6:30 a.m., each day.

LMPD interim police chief Rob Schroeder also announced that the National Guard has been activated. This announcement came within the hour before the grand jury is set to present its report at 1:15 p.m.

Before Wednesday, Fischer declared a state of emergency for the city and LMPD declared one for the department. The measures included canceling off-days and vacation until further notice.

Businesses downtown began boarding up windows earlier in the week.

TARC also modified its schedule for downtown routes.

Click here for a review of preparations downtown.