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An incredible bird’s-eye view of Killarney Lake in Idaho.

PHOTO: Image courtesy of Jeffrey D. Walters

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Autumn trees line Lake Tekapo in South Island, New Zealand.

PHOTO: Kieran Stone

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We’d take our time down this wooded drive.

PHOTO: Gevorg VOSKANYAN / 500px

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The picturesque Ashness Bridge in the Lake District of Cumbria, England.

PHOTO: joe daniel price

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A lone cabin sits on the edge of a lake in Qu├ębec, Canada.

PHOTO: Eduardo Fonseca Arraes

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Two hikers enjoy the view atop a cliff at Ozark National Forest near Boxley, Arkansas.

PHOTO: ClassicStock

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A road runs along the edge of a turquoise-colored lake.

PHOTO: Bertram Rupprecht

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Autumn hits the misty White Mountains in New Hampshire.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr


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A ropeway glides through a scenic forest in Uludag, Turkey.

PHOTO: Anadolu Agency

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A canoe sits on the water’s edge in the Cape Cod region of Massachusetts.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr

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Some deserts even experience the beauty of autumn, including this one located in Bayingolin, Xinjiang, China.


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A stream runs through Harz National Park in Germany.

PHOTO: DieterMeyrl

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Autumn reaches its peak in the Porcupine Mountains, located in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

PHOTO: Matt Anderson Photography

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Golden brown trees surround the quiet Lock Fasklally in Pitlochry, Scotland.

PHOTO: Jeff J Mitchell

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A scenic view of a road running through the White Mountains of New Hampshire.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr

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Mist rolls over a river near Bath, England.

PHOTO: Matt Cardy


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A row of houses overlooks the water in Boston’s peaceful Brighton Neighborhood.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr

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Autumn trees surround the Hanghzou Yanggong Levve in China.

PHOTO: Xiaodong Qiu

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A picturesque village sits alongside the Connecticut River in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr

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A road runs through the middle of a forest in Duzce, Turkey.

PHOTO: Anadolu Agency

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A red barn sits atop a hill in Vermont’s Green Mountains.

PHOTO: Ron and Patty Thomas

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A motorcyclist rounds the bend in Nikko National Park, Japan.

PHOTO: untouchablephoto

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A waterfall flows through Tahquamenon Falls State Park in Michigan.

PHOTO: Matt Anderson Photography

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The Towada Hachimantai National Park adopts a yellowish autumn shade in Northern Japan.

PHOTO: Marco Ferrarin


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A quiet lake creates a calm autumn scene in Chappaqua, New York.


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Red fallen leaves cover a paved road.

PHOTO: Youngkyun Lee / EyeEm

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Yellow and red trees sit at the base of a mountain.

PHOTO: Pascal Fraboul / EyeEm

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An autumn fog rolls in over a small town near Waits River in Vermont.

PHOTO: DenisTangneyJr

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A Tadami Line Train runs over the Tadami River in Japan.

PHOTO: DoctorEgg

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A winding road flows down an undisclosed mountainside.

PHOTO: amriphoto